23 November 2018

Post-Festival Updates

Outlands Area

Greetings from Outlands!
We had an absolutely amazingly wonderful SetUp, Festival and TearDown with everyone who braved the cold and wet - with a bit of sunshine - for a Most Excellent Samhain. 

Thanks to all who were able to participate in person and to those sending Loving Energy from afar. You are all appreciated. 

Although there were less than 10 of us at our area meeting on Saturday (including a member from S.A. area who decided to stop by and visit) ... we now have 50 Outlanders on our FB Group.  I know there must be even more CMA Members hiding in the Outlands bushes. Rattle and Shake them out.  Ask them to join us on our group AND on the Village to keep up with things happening at Spirit Haven and other areas. 

We are excited to announce Arrick has agreed to be an Outlands Area Rep for 2019. Thank You Arrick! 

Please ... really - Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help as you all do your own promoting of CMA memberships and events from wherever you may live or travel to. We are a world wide organization with members almost everywhere.  

We have Business Cards, WorkEnd and Event Flyers for YOU to hand out/put on message boards, etc ...  <nudge, hint, nudge>  Let us know if you need any for networking. We'll get them to you.  

If you have any events in Your area of Outlands, let us know and we can help Boost the Signal. 

Do you know of any pagan FB groups in Texas or other states which you've noticed I'm Not sending out the CMA event posts? Please share those with me and I'll add them to my list - it's close to 30 right now. 

It takes community to build community.

We are looking forward to seeing you during next festival at our Outlands Area Meeting at 11am in VolkVe on Saturday, April 20th, 2019. 😉🙂😍🤩

Outlands Area Lead Rep 

CMA Outlands Area FB group:


Fire & Flow Performance Society

WOW was that an amazing Samhain. The weather could have been a little better but the energy and magic were on point as always.Fire and Flow Society is growing folks and its because of all of you that it is however there are some special thanks that need to be said. Willow Dove and Badger stepped up with CMA admin and made things happen for us like a BOSS. They went that extra mile for us folks and much was accomplished. Also Riker, Aaron Brown who was our entertainment coordinator for this event and James Dylan Bell, the head fire safety guy worked hard to make Fire and Flow the success it was this festival. My right hand and best friend Alchemy as always was at my side helping make things happen and fill in the blanks when I needed it. Welcome to all the new members and well wishes to all those who could not make this event. We hope to see all of you at Beltane.
Patrick S Thomas
CMA Fire & Flow Performance Society Lead


CMA Drummers and Musicians Society

CMA Drummers and Musicians society is looking for a new leader since Toni announced he is leaving CMA and has stepped down. Need someone who can lead us in reaching out to increase society membership, participation and doing workshops. If interested please contact Chuck Morris on Facebook or email at morris.chuck@gmail.com. We will vote at Beltane if more than one person is interested.