27 September 2019

Area and Society Updates

Area Reports

Greetings from the Outlands Area! 

☆Did you know??? You are an Outlander ... IF you are Not in a designated area --》Austin, San Antonio, Coastal Bend, North Texas, Central Texas or SouthEast Texas. Please join our CMA Outlands FB Group. We all aspire to Be A Part of a Community.  

☆We are looking forward to seeing you during CMA Beltane festival at our Outlands Area Meeting at 11 AM in Volk Ve on Saturday, October 19, 2019.  

☆Are you ready to serve our Village as an Outlands Area Rep?  This would be the time/place to raise your hand and say, "Yes!"
☆If you have any upcoming events in Your area of Outlands, let us know and we can help Boost the Signal. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask your Area Reps. It takes community to build community. 

~Alchemy♡, Outlands Area Lead Rep 
& Arrick, Outlands Area Rep

Society Reports

*CMA Family Society Seeks New Lead* 

Hey, everyone! For those that don't know, Candyce is the current de facto lead of this society. As you may have seen if you've read the Meet the Candidates page, she's running for Director of Communications. As such, she would like to pass off leadership of this society to someone that can dedicate more time and energy to building it up. We can vote on a new leader at the Family Society meeting at Samhain. 

Minimum requirements: we're looking for someone that can post relevant content in the FB group, submit content to the Accord, and lead the meetings at festivals. Ideally this would be someone with children that can help bring back activities for children at festivals and maybe even coordinate bringing and caring for children at workends. 

There is a lot of potential for this group, but Candyce is going to be swamped with board stuff and won't be able to help realize it. Please be thinking about if you could be that person! See you at Samhain!

Fire & Flow Performance Society 

Festival Reminders:
🔥Saturday, October 19th @Pan's PlayHouse
PLEASE Attend the All Revel Societies Meeting with ALL of Us at 2pm!!!!  Revel Rousers, F&F Performance, Drummers, Dancers & More!!!
🔥Fire &Flow Performance Society Meeting:  Saturday, October 19th @ 3pm  AFTER the All Revels Societies meeting. We will move across to our established F&F Performance Area by the Maypole at the conclusion of the business portion of the meeting for more skill sharing, practice, etc.
🔥Come find us at the NW corner of Revel Fire --》 Each Night of Festival for Fire and Flow Performance. 

Due to the Fayette County Burn Ban and the extremely dry conditions at the land, our Board of Directors had to make the Hard decision. 

No Fire Toys during Samhain 2019
LED/Flow Toys Only

Thank you for understanding the safety of our Land and Spirit Haven Family must come first. 

As always lets make this an awesome (and safe) festival that brings us closer together as a society!

Looking forward to seeing you all again,
CMA Fire&Flow Performance Society Leads: 
Patrick Thomas - Draco Pendragon 
Jennifer Birr - Rogue
Carla Hargrove  - Alchemy♡